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Handsfree flexible rotating phone stand - specially made to clip to the side handle of the Tech Queen® On The Move Roller Bag. There is also a removable inner pad that can be removed in order to fit the top handlebar. Great for capturing higher and different angles! We got you sis, we know how you are with your phone out, hitting them angles every single time ok!


When purchased with the Tech Queen® On The Move Roller Bag you can roll it up for a quick:

Live steam while at the airport while waiting on your flight

Record quick video tutorials and easy explainer videos connect your charger while freeing up some desk space

Join a video conference in somebody's waiting room

Try the latest trending dance at the park

Enjoy a video call with friends while out for lunch or from the comfort of your bed or couch virtually bring in a colleague during an unexpected meeting or roundtable


All while hands-free!

Detachable Phone Mount

$35.00 Regular Price
$14.00Sale Price

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