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This smart pen/ stylus is universal, meaning it is compatible with Smart Phones, Android Tablets, and Touch Screen Laptops /PC. (Apple/ iPhone/ iPad Pro/ iPad Mini/ iPad Air/ Android/ Surface) and other capacitive touchscreen devices.

Stylus Writing Experience: It's Smooth and Slim! The fine tip provides a smooth writing experience and delicate strokes, making it great for drawing, sketching, coloring, taking notes, marking up emails, and more. It gives you the best user experience! The pen is 131mm long, 6mm thick, and weighs 10g. The light & slim pen can be easily carried or zipped inside one of your compartments.

Wireless Camera Shutter Remote Control: Supports wireless remote control: press the top button, to easily take a selfie or group photo. Best tool for online learning, family/friends gathering, work, play, and vacay!

Camera Control: After successfully connecting to the "Pencil" via Bluetooth. Open up your camera app and take a photo or video. Simply long press either one of the buttons to take a picture or start/ stop a video recording.

Convenient TikTok Shortcut Key: click the upper button to turn the page down and the lower button to turn the page up. This makes it easier to use and very friendly to people who have their nails done.

Charger Included: USB-C ChargingUsing USB-C Charging Cable. You can get up to 6.5 hours of writing time on 40 minutes charge. The red light is displayed when charging and the green light is displayed when fully charged.

Working Time(H): 6.5 Hours

Charging Time(H): 40 Minutes

Features: Bluetooth-Compatible, Fast Charging, Magnetic Suction, Touch Screen Stylus. Camera Remote


Length: 131cm

Application Brands: Universal Uogic

Feature 1: Rechargeable Stylus Pen

Feature 3: Universal Stylus P

Compatible model: Touch Screen Devices/ Smart Phones/Tablets

Universal Smart Pen - Write & Take Pics!