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Elevating Careers: Impact of 6-Figure Digital Career Advisor

Updated: Apr 29

Meet our newest Tech Queen On The Scene, 6-Figure Career Adviser and Blog Writer, Kamara Daughtery. A dynamic professional poised to redefine journalism and become the most influential voice in media. With a solid background in digital marketing, Kamara excels in crafting innovative strategies that elevate brand visibility, drive profitability, and capture market share on a national scale. Adept at steering complex global projects, she inspires teams to achieve peak performance across a spectrum of digital platforms, including web development, SEO, CRM, and social media.

Certified in MBE, DBE, and SBE, Kamara is a visionary leader known for cultivating technological advancement, consistently surpassing organizational objectives, and thriving in high-pressure environments. Noteworthy achievements include founding a vibrant social platform for 5,000+ media professionals, achieving over 301,000 Twitter impressions, and providing invaluable expertise to 17 U.S. stations through consultations and training.

Kamara is a public relations expert whose work revolves around helping young professionals pivot in their careers. She does this by providing valuable career advice and offering services to enhance resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job applications. Her ultimate goal is to help them secure higher salaries.

Her newest venture Elevate Careers has been a major help to organizations of all sizes, remote workers and job applicants. Their virtual career fairs help employers significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent building a quality database of potential talent. In turn, it also helps both job applicants and remote contractors learn about available positions and possibly get hired on the spot.

As a top-notch public relations expert, Kamara is also an accomplished digital marketing professional. She has helped brands expand their market share nationwide. How does Kamara help increase your profitability? By increasing impressions. She has a transformational effect on the people she works with and has been recognized for assisting others in strategizing and executing global digital marketing strategies across digital platforms.


As a social media marketing consultant, Kamara spends her time helping businesses and organizations navigate the social media landscape and develop effective strategies for using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to achieve their marketing and communication goals. This can include creating and managing social media profiles, developing content calendars, analyzing metrics, and providing training and guidance on best practices.

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