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International Speaker Brings A New Perspective to the Tech Industry

Desirae King is an award-winning international speaker, evangelist, lifestyle strategist, and Certified Life Coach. She is an in-demand keynote speaker for corporate settings, conferences, schools, churches, empowerment seminars, and more. Her first book, Disable Your Labels, encourages readers to break away from the labels others have put on them, and to begin to shape themselves into the person they've always imagined themselves to be. 

Desirae's non-profit initiatives allowed her to be the top earner for a nationally syndicated televised celebrity charity event, that raised more than $3,000,000 for the Florida Hospital for Children (now AdventHealth for Children). As well as collaborations with PGA Tour champions, Super Bowl MVPs, top-ranked tennis players, baseball legends, and numerous celebrities. 

International Speaker Brings A New Perspective to the Tech Industry

Be sure to heart and comment on this post as Desirae is gearing up to speak at the 2024 Micro Business Summit in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 24, 2024 alongside headlines with President, US Independent at GoDaddy. Send her some love and learn more about this speaking accomplishment at

Far from the rough and tough life she once lived. Ms. King is the living example that once you "Disable Your Labels" you can live a life you deserve. The need for others to hear her impactful message of survival, transformation, and self-empowerment inspired Disable Your Labels. Through this Organization, she can connect with people who have a desire for a clearer vision and a more defined purpose and propel them towards success, despite what their background and upbringing may be. 

A busy mother of 3, Desirae still finds time to speak at myriad events and host the "Morning Manna" Bible-based leadership call where, as in all her work, she teaches followers to disable their labels and take back their power. 

Desirae will also be speaking at our upcoming PC Partners Meeting on February 13th. Learn more and RSVP here

Who Has Influenced You The Most?

Desirae says, "Possibly the smartest woman I have ever met in my life was kicked out of school in the 4th grade at 10 years old, my grandmother “Buttercup” who raised me. Despite her lack of traditional education, she had her own way of educating me through stories, parables, and what I now call her famous “Grandma Quotes”. So my ability to capture the attention of audiences worldwide stemmed from learning at a young age. It’s not about how many times you can get back up, and I have spent a lifetime sharing this unmeasurable lesson with others."

The Impact Desirae Has

Helping others build their business started at the hungry age of sixteen. Now over twenty years later, her portfolio of Fortune 500 and 100 companies, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and small business owners alike fly Desirae out to share what she calls her “anointing for business success” with thousands. Always reminding you “Your best days are ahead of you and not behind you.” Desirae impacts her clients, audiences, and followers globally in such a way that she guarantees. You will NEVER leave her presence the same way you came in.

Desirae speaks to more than just your heart and mind - she awakens your soul. Her ability to captivate an audience and teach life-transforming skills is unparalleled. As an award-winning international speaker, her straight-from-the-heart, passionate, high energy, has audiences ready to take action and beg for more.

Awards and Accolades

Ms. King has more than two decades of sales experience. She has received over 25 #1 sales and high-performance achievements awards, for several Fortune 500 companies which include: 

  • Avis Car Rental

  • Dollar Thrifty Car Rental

  • Diamond Resorts

On top of that her commission-based sales exceeding $6,000,000 in additional company revenue. Desirae's singular skill has landed her guest appearances on multiple nationally syndicated radio shows, and a feature in The Recorder, one of the largest faith-based magazines in the country. 

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