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Finding Your Lane

When business meets personal it's a real eye-opener. This is a collision that can end up being a very rewarding one in the end. This one is for my tru boos that are determined to turn unfortunate circumstances into positive outcomes, no matter the battles they have to face. I share tips to help you embrace, endure and evolve on your way to busting through the glass ceiling from my own personal experiences as an Award Winning Master Promotional Website Designer.


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Finding Your Lane

Finding Your Lane

We Need Direction

Ever felt lost or in need of a little bit of direction? Let's just forget about the professional side for a minute, because what I'm about to share is more important.

It's a top priority to establish the internal environment inside of you. Self-improvement and personal development are really important to me, and it's one of the reasons why I've been able to establish and accomplish a lot of things that I set out to do. For example, I've been able to find my lane and align my Tech Queen brand with my website, design agency, PC Media Techs, and I self-published our Vision to Life Quarterly Master Planner and I also created the Tech Queen Shop. So, I can talk to you all day long about how to design your website for the best results online... and that would actually be easier for me. But no matter what type of  brand  you have self-improvement is important.

Whatever inner work you do is eventually gonna show up on the outer and it's going to be infectious. It's going to affect everything that you touch, including your brand. So let's focus on that for a minute Now.

I'm Courtney, the tech queen of PC Media Tech, where we specialize in websites and promotional design. I spend a lot of my time designing websites, content, and efficient workflows for brands that are ready to enter into or have already entered into their high-growth faith. I love what I do and I want you to have a clear direction. So first things first.

Check Yourself

When I design websites for people, a lot of times I have to set up what we call automation, and basically what automations do is trigger responses. So let's just say, for example, you go to and you sign up for notifications.

You're going to automatically get an email letting you know that we're going to notify you when we launch, have special sales, and send updates concerning the type of content that we have available. It could also be set to trigger text messages, automations to the store owner, or whatever type of things that you desire to set up. The possibilities are endless.

Now, sometimes automations may or may not work correctly and may not produce the result that you desired it to produce.

So let's just say for example that you fill out that form at and you're not receiving the notifications, okay. Just like with that, we would need to identify the issue with the automation and fix it. The same thing goes for our personal life.

What Automated Responses Are Holding You Back?

We can have automations that were set up from childhood, things that we may have learned along the way, things that we may have been taught or raised to think and do, and we have to identify those automations that are not:

  • Not benefiting you

  • Not working correctly

  • Not serving the people around you

  • Keeping you from finding your lane

  • Keeping you from staying in your lane

Okay, so for example, when I was younger, a lot of times when my friends would come over say, we may go to the movies, or my parents may take us to the mall or somewhere. A lot of times, I would see other people's parents trying to give my parents money for their child, and a lot of times my mom or dad would say, it's fine. We got her. I saw them do that enough times for me to unknowingly have the same automated response set up. So when I got older and people would offer me certain things, try to give me stuff or do things for me, the majority of the time I'd say: I'm straight. I got. Thank you, but no, thank you. I'm good, and things like that. I eventually noticed what I was doing and I said, wait a minute! You don't always have it! You're, you're not established like that just yet. So you need to stop telling people that.

Self Awareness

I noticed even after I made that conscious decision, I would still say it from time to time, but because I identified that automated response, I was able to pay close attention to it and change things up according to the situation. It's all about self-awareness and  the willingness to identify those things are not benefiting us or maybe  even impacting us in a negative light.

Identifying Your Triggers

Another thing that you need to identify is your triggers. Triggers actually start the automation. So just like I gave the example if you go to and you fill out the form to get notifications, that's the trigger. Once you hit that submit button, it triggered  the automation to  send you a notification. Sometimes you have more advanced or tedious automations, but that's just a simple example.

Anything that is triggered by a certain action, whether it be an action that you do on your own or an action that somebody else does. It's gonna trigger something. When I stopped drinking, I started paying close attention to what was triggering my actions and my responses. By the way, this December will mark four years for me since I have not had a drink.

Once I broke those triggers, I noticed that I don't have to drink to have fun or turn up. I'm lit all day long. I really started to go on a journey and it was all about self-improvement and personal development.  Now, back when I was drinking I was actually abusing alcohol. I know everybody that drinks is not an alcoholic, but I had a real problem, so I realized that I needed to quit.

Self Reflection

After I quit and started paying close attention to the triggers that were causing me to have certain reactions, make certain decisions, or be around certain people I was able to make better decisions as I continued to move forward.

Okay, so it doesn't matter how far you grow, you can't truly win in the end if you don't practice self-improvement and personal development.

Understand Your Responsibility

Now, your issues or the things that you may identify might not be the same things that I had to identify in myself. But it is your responsibility to find out those automated responses that you need to fix, to find out those triggers that you need to adjust, and to continue forward on that journey.

Be The Image

Instead of being exhausted from trying to protect an image that you created as you continue to grow, why not just be the image? I'm a woman of faith, so when I got on my path and I found my lane, I learned how to stay in my lane. I found my true self. Where are my tru boos at? I know it's some true boos reading this right now because we typically tend to attract what's inside of us.

Stay TRU Boo

If you don't know what a true boo is, it's simply anyone that's out here making decisions to turn unfortunate circumstances into positive outcomes, no matter the battles they have to face. We always wanna remember to stay true to ourselves. If you're one of my true boos comment and let me know, and until next time - Embrace, Endure and Evolve!


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