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Kamilah Harrison: March Tech Queen On Tech Scene

Serial Entrepreneur | Digital Experience Strategist Kamilah Harrison is on a mission to help those brave enough to chase their dreams make them a reality.

She is obsessed with all things business. Serial entrepreneur and digital experience strategist, Kamilah Harrison is an expert in profitable websites and marketing automation by helping brands create digital experiences that streamline processes, boost revenue & captivate customers.

As the face of the Kamilah Harrison brand and founder of ADO Digital Marketing Agency, she equips entrepreneurs and organizations to utilize modern strategies & technology to maximize and monetize their businesses. Kamilah has also served as a network engineer in prior career roles, is an online retail business owner, and real estate investor, and has her hands in multiple business ventures.

Kamilah’s giftings in technology, process development, and business allow her to consult with entrepreneurs and organizations to strategically take action to reach their goals in an effective and profitable way. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Visual Communications and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

As a Network Engineer, she led multiple teams to utilize technology-based solutions for improving and scaling operational processes that have resulted in seven-figure cost savings. She was also featured as one of the top 100 Who’s Who San Antonio Women as one of the Women of Innovation.

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