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Dr. Juanakee Adams, Tech Queen Of of Adams Eye Care P.C.

June Tech Queen On The Scene Dr. Juanakee Adams

Influencer, Author, Optometrist, Philanthropist, and Public Speaker Dr. Juanakee Adams is always on the move. Whether she is growing personally or professionally, Dr. Adams has learned to embrace the new tech-infused landscape of today.

Dr. Juanakee Adams is the CEO of Adams Eye Care P.C., Founder of The Juanakee Adams Initiative for Excellent Eye Care and Optimum Health, and published author of Musings of a Visionist, Lucy Loo and The New School, as well as The ABC’s of Effective Living.

She also recently joined the cast for Seenagers of Birmingham - an edgy and hilarious docu-series connecting millennials to baby boomers. Friends Sherrell, Juanakee, and Rita rewrite the rules of living in the South, after more than 50 years of friendship! Click here to instantly stream the show. More details can be found by following adamsjuanakee on Facebook or Instagram.

Dr. Adams was the first African American female optometrist to be licensed in the state of Alabama. She is an ordained minister and inspirational speaker. She believes that optometry is her talent, but vision is her gift. Dr. Adams has been dubbed by many as “The Visionist, The Clarity Specialist, and The Look Lifter.” Her vision prescription for life is “If you can see it, then you can be it.” Her goals in life are to impact with insight, infuse with intellect, amuse with humor, and diffuse with clarity.

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