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Capture Innovation

Explore and Elevate

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Seize unforgettable moments and innovatively capture content hands-free with our universal smart pen with integrated camera remote and guide.

Universal Smart Pen to

Unleash Creativity

On The Move

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Say goodbye to frustration and hello to the simplicity of snapping pictures and capturing content from anywhere without having to get someone else to do it! 

  • Can you benefit from new and innovative ways to capture content efficiently?

  • Do you have a stylus for your phone that controls the camera shutter, but only for one device?

  • Want to gift a stylish luxurious accessory with universal compatibility? Apple/ iPhone/ iPad Pro/ iPad Mini/ iPad Air/ Android/ Surface

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this is the perfect accessory for yourself or to give as a gift!

Innovatively Capture and Master 

Hit record while you work, play, or vacay with convenience at your finger tips!

Revolutionize your experiences and unleash your creativity like never before! Our Universal Smart Pen is the perfect tool for both note-taking, camera control, and TikTok usage. Whether you're a student, professional, traveler, content creator, or creative enthusiast, this pen is your gateway to seamless productivity and innovation.

Convenience and Efficiency Is Key

Camera Control: After successfully connecting to the "Pencil" via Bluetooth. Open up your camera app and take a photo or video. Simply long press either one of the buttons to take a picture or start/ stop a video recording.


Convenient TikTok Shortcut Key: click the upper button to turn the page down and the lower button to turn the page up. This makes it easier to use and very friendly to people who have their nails done.

What's Included

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Universal Smart Pen

Capture and master with the ability to write + take pics, record, and use TikTok with one click

Top 5 Ways To Use Guide

Instant access to our guide for unleashing your creativity with our Universal Smart Pen 

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Unleash Creativity Tutorials

Video library of explainer videos and tutorials with tips for efficient use, creative ideas, and best results

  • New tutorials will be added ongoing at no cost

  • Access to individualized creation strategies for your unique brand will be given to those with early access [Purchase today for early access]

Rave Reviews


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Long press either button camera remote button to easily take a selfie, group photo, or record. Best tool for work, play, and vacay!

When using TikTok click the upper button to turn the page down and the lower button to turn the page up. This makes it easier to use and very friendly to people who have their nails done.

Enjoy smooth writing experiences. It's Smooth and Slim! The fine tip provides delicate strokes, making it great for drawing, sketching, coloring, taking notes, marking up emails, and more. It gives you the best user experience!

You're One Click Away!
Universal Smart Pen

Be more efficient, stylish, and convenient with this versatile stylus

Only $40

No matter if you're a productive person on the go, a traveler, or a content creator don't be delayed! Comfortably do important work, play, and travel while being more efficient.

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