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You Can Do It All

with your Tech Queen On The Move Roller Bag. No matter what you're working on or where you're traveling to, move with class while being preventative, stylish, and comfortable!​

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Tech Queen Shop (5).png
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Work. Play. Vacay.

Unleash your style and stay prepared for opportunities with your Tech Queen Roller Bag. This canvas and croc-embossed leather roller bag includes our adjustable phone mount for a limited time! Equipped with a locking retractable handle and multiple compartments to help you separate your business and tech necessities from your beauty essentials and other items.

Traveling? Hit the road or take flight as its lightweight chic design was carefully created to also organize your clothes, toiletries, and other things you need along the way.

Hit record while you work, play, or vacay with everything in arms reach!

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There are many ways to use our collection items. Check out some of our favorite ways below.

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Canvas and leather roller bag include detachable phone mount for a limited time! Compartmentalize your business and tech necessities from your beauty essentials and travel items. Take OVER 25% OFF + recieve phone mout FREE during our summertime sale.

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Only $195  $145 +

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Our summertime sale is 🔥 hotter than a sunburned lobster on a tropical island!


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Specially designed to accommodate the way you move on-the-go with. Unique detachable phone mount included.

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Multiple compartments all fully lined for business, tech or travel essentials while organizing beauty necessities and toiletries

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4-wheel spinners allow smooth 360° swivel rotation and easy-to-use retractable handle with quick click grip model to help you quickly adjust.

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What's better than having a lightweight chic compact roller bag that triples as a TECH BAG for all of your laptop, equipment, and tech necessities, a STYLISH BRIEFCASE for your networking essentials or office supplies, and a TRAVEL BAG for your luggage, carry-on for your short overnight trips, toiletries and other travel needs. 

BE EFFICIENT: Stay prepared for your next opportunity and save time with everything in arms reach. Your new portable office on wheels with retractable handle allows you to effortlessly navigate through events, airports, home, work, school, and more!.

IT'S CONVENIENT: Weather you need to capture content on the go, hop on a quick virtual meeting in the waiting, or savor other moments. Hit record and roll out! This time-saving advantage is particularly valuable when you're on a tight schedule or rushing to catch a flight.

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BE PREVENTATIVE: Move quickly and comfortably. You won't have to deal with the inconvenience of lugging around a heavy bag or constantly readjusting its position. Helps you to prevent long-term and more permanent neck, back, and spine issues.


Award-Winning Website Designer

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Hi, I'm Courtney Woods, Award Winning Master Promotional Website Designer, owner of PC Media Techs, and creator of the Tech Queen Shop.

The Tech Queen® On The Move Collection was birthed from a combination of 10 years of experience in UX/UI website design, having to carry around business and tech necessities, beauty care products, and other essentials while working on the go or traveling.


This resulted in frequent sharp pains that would shoot from my shoulder blade down to my lower back. I made a decision to start taking the possible risks of long-term effects more seriously. This led to me wanting to help other women be proactive by choosing to be more preventative while still keeping it cute.

I'm thrilled to launch The Tech Queen® On The Move Collection! As a website designer, I'm always thinking about how services and processes can be improved to better serve visitors from all around the world wide web. My company is constantly creating automations for smoother day-to-day operations. I applied the same principles with On The Move Collection, by creating products that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Our goal is to help you complete your day-to-day task on the move while being intentional about being preventative.


Relax, enjoy, and discover the world with 100% quality comfort, and style sister girl!

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You're One Click Away!
Roller Bag + Detachable Phone Mount

Be more efficient, stylish, and comfortable with this limited-time deal

Only $195  $145

No matter if you're a productive person on the go, a traveler, or a content creator don't be delayed! Comfortably do important work, play, and travel while being more efficient and preventative

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