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We need our Tech Queens, Girl Bosses, and Boss Ladies to be preventative as you continue to advance in your industry and explore the world! This is why the Tech Queen On The Move Collection was created.

Want to learn how to be more proactive, as well as the other long-term benefits that our collection provides? Learn more about how our collection accommodates your lifestyle and helps you move with class, comfort, and quality below.

Accommodate Your On-The-Move Lifestyle

We are committed to providing products that accommodate those that live an "On The Move" lifestyle. Our purpose is to help individuals be more preventative. You can learn more about what each individual collection item helps you within the product descriptions on our website.

We understand that advancing in your industry sometimes requires you to travel and tote around office supplies, laptops, or other tech necessities. Carrying these necessities in typical bags with straps that hang on your shoulders can cause:

  • Poor posture

  • Inflammation

  • Rotator cuff tendonitis

  • Problems with the spine

  • Upper and lower back pain

  • Pain between the shoulder blades

  • Long term uncomfortably

  • Sharp pain, aches, or mild tenderness

to name a few. When you choose to be proactive these things, as well as other long-term and more permanent issues, are very preventable. We need our Tech Queens, Girl Bosses, and Boss Ladies to be preventative as you continue to advance in your industry and explore the world! You can be smart, cute, and effortlessly stylish!

Move with Class and Comfort

When using the Detachable Phone Stand with our On The Move Roller Bag you can roll it up for a quick:

  • Live stream while at the airport or while waiting on your flight

  • Record quick video tutorials and easy explainer videos

  • Connect your charger while freeing up some desk space

  • Join a video conference in somebody's waiting room

  • Try the latest trending TikTok dance at the park

  • Enjoy a video call with friends while out for lunch or from your bed or couch

  • Virtually bring in a colleague during a meeting or roundtable

and much more! All while hands-free!

About Our Innovative Creator

The Tech Queen Shop and our On The Move Collection were created by Courtney Woods, the Tech Queen of PC Media Techs. She is an Award-Winning Master Promotional Website Designer that has been recognized for her passion and creativity. Courtney says, "Our goal is to help you complete your day-to-day task on the move and travel comfortably while being intentional about being preventative, so: Relax, enjoy, and discover the world with 100% quality comfort, and style sister girl."

Her expertise comes from her genuine passion and skillset, her desire to help organizations and brands, her years of hard work, and her technical experience crafting custom websites and unique content for brands around the world.

The best way to stay connected is through our app "PC Media Techs". Be a part of the only promotional design community design where we design together and we shine together. No matter if you need help deciding what website platform to choose from or promotional design strategies to help you grow your brand online, come through and grow with us! You'll get instant access after signing up on the app at

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