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Philanthropist with 2.5 Million Followers Helps Turn Struggles into Success

Maayan Gordon is a serial entrepreneur who has survived gas explosions, homelessness, and mental health struggles. As the founder of 5 successful businesses, she is extremely passionate about helping others through her experience and insights. This now Mental Health Advocate, Researcher, Speaker and Author has 2.3 million followers, over 1 BILLION video views and has had 100+ speaking engagements. She went from struggling with mental health to living the life of her dreams and is here to share her story with you. Our September Tech Queen On The Scene is Maayan Gordon.

Meet Maayan Gordon

Hello, I am Maayan Gordon, and I work with companies to help them improve company culture by educating and training them in practical and tangible mental and emotional health practices. My life has been an incredible journey, that has taken me to the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

Maayan's Background & Experience

I’m originally from Seattle Washington where I got my very first laptop when I was 12 years old. I now live in Birmingham Alabama and moved here because of the quality of life, thriving community, and business opportunities. I got good at tech by spending a lot of time on my laptop when I was growing up and learning to use different programs like PowerPoint and building websites with HTML.

I suffered and struggled with mental health challenges for all of my childhood and teenage years and worked through every single issue to become incredibly healthy, resilient, and successful from a mental and emotional perspective. I developed an immense number of skills and tools throughout this process that I now teach and share with others. Professionally, I have spent over a decade in the marketing industry, successfully building brands through social media. In addition to that, I have over 10 years of copywriting experience and email marketing.

Above and beyond all of my professional accomplishments are my personal ones. I survived a gas explosion and homelessness at the age of 19 and built the life of my dreams. I found and married my soul-mate, discovered my true purpose in this world, and found a way to create massive value and give back to others.

Journey to 2.3 Million Followers

I’ve had many pivoting points in my life and career. One major one was deciding to switch from doing freelance work to building my own business after I was in the gas explosion. I choose traveling as a niche because it’s something that I’ve always loved doing and I enjoy sharing my journey with others. My journey to growing 2.3 million followers did happen very unexpectedly and quickly on TikTok. About two weeks into posting, I had a video go viral and then four months later had over 1 million followers. But it’s important to keep in mind that I didn’t have that success the first day I joined social media and I had been on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for 8 years before seeing that success.

I’ve been using social media to generate sales for my businesses and build loyal followers and customers since 2010. I realized the power of personal branding in 2020 when LinkedIn started to generate incredible new opportunities. My audience has since grown to over 2.3 million followers on TikTok and nearly 2.5 million across TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn combined. I currently work as a consultant, startup advisor, keynote speaker, influencer, and philanthropist.

Day-to-Day Workflow Operations

I spend my time working with companies that care about their people. I come in and analyze exactly where they are with their business culture and the support of their teams. After an initial assessment, I create custom strategies to address key issues and impact points that will lead to better emotional and mental health, improved relationships, higher productivity, and increased longevity within the company. I also give keynote speeches and presentations aimed at creating a lasting impact on your employees.

I have been able to build 4 successful businesses in both the product and service spaces, all of which hit 6 figures in their first year of operations with zero startup capital. For the past 3 years I have been consulting other brands and businesses on how to create, improve, and execute their marketing strategies. I love sharing my story, insights, and experiences with people around the world. If you would like to learn more about me, how I started my first business when I was homeless, or feature me visit my website at and connect with me on social media.

With Love and Gratitude,

Maayan Gordon

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