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Just Pray Global

Want Better Results Out Of Your Life and Business?

Learn how to pray effectively, protect what you’re building, and produce on a greater level at Just Pray Bootcamp with Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan.

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Have you ever had the thought,

“I need someone to pray for me?”

This probably crossed your mind because:

  1. You didn’t have the words to say.

  2. You thought that this was a task for someone more “anointed” than you.

  3. You thought that there is someone who can get a prayer through better than you.

And while it is true that...

there are people with a special anointing to intercede for others, prayer is not beyond you or not reserved for special people.


Prayer must be the priority for every Believer!


Anyone can pray and get results when they pray according to the word of God and the principles outlined in the Bible.


You don’t have to wait for someone else to pray for your success. YOU can take charge of your life and pray in your next season and increase.

James 5:16b, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

Join Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan

on Mondays at 7pm CST 1/15-2/5 for


a 4-week, live virtual training, teaching you the technique and principles of effective prayer that gets results.

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Weather you've been exposed to a church environment or not..

This intensive session will bring clarity and understanding to what prayer is, the importance of prayer, and how prayer works.

Just Pray Bootcamp will teach you how to drive results through prayer targets and increase your capacity for prayer by increasing your knowledge of God’s word.


You will learn the significance of a heavenly language to build up your most holy faith and be activated to receive the gift of speaking in other tongues or increase your depth in it.

During Just Pray Bootcamp

Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan will impart a spirit of prayer to ignite your prayer life! Experience divine healing, alignment, deliverance, and prophetic atmospheres to position you for massive breakthroughs and success in your personal life, family life, and businesses.

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What to Expect:

  • Weekly, Interactive Virtual Training Sessions

  • Times of Prayer

  • Prayer Strategies & Principles for Practical Application

  • Prophetic Impartation & Activation

  • Breakthrough & Divine Alignment

  • Renewed Strength to Pray

  • Greater Confidence in Prayer

  • Bonus: Deliverance Session

Join Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan for 4 weeks of intensive prayer training.

Register today for


to ascend in your prayer life!

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Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan is a prophetic advisor and coach, intercessor, entrepreneur, and apostolic visionary leader. For more than a decade, she has catapulted business leaders and organizations across the globe into greater positions of influence, productivity, and profitability by teaching them how

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Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan

to align with purpose and hear the voice of God. Dr. Jordan has an apostolic grace to bring divine order, and a disruptive anointing to lead change, speak truth to power, and impart God’s wisdom with authority and demonstration. She is deeply passionate about training people of faith to flow effortlessly from the pulpit to the boardroom. She is anointed and called to empower Kingdom leaders to confidently and boldly walk in their God-given assignments in the marketplace.

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